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Rainha das Flores - 2017 - SIC

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Dołączył: 31 Maj 2013
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PostWysłany: 21:24:42 15-02-18    Temat postu: Rainha das Flores - 2017 - SIC

She is the queen of the flowers. That’s what people call her. Not only because her name is ROSA (Rose) but because she grows flowers and ships them all over the world.

Flowers are her business and everyone agrees that it grew into a very successful one. Rosa is a very happy woman. She is married to DANIEL, a furniture designer trying to make his way into professional success. Together they have daughter JULIA, a sweet young girl always trying to do the right thing.

At home, Rosa also has two more people she loves: SOFIA, born from a previous relationship Daniel had with a woman who ran off years ago, and CARMEN, Daniel’s mother and the first person to help Rosa in her attempts to start her flower company, Floriz.

Rosa has a very deep faith in God and the Virgin Mary. Religion is one of the pillars in her life. One day, she decides to go on a pilgrimage, to thank for all the good things she received from Him. It ends in tragedy, as Rosa is hit by a car and almost dies. For weeks, she is in a coma. When she finally wakes up, the world is a whole different place. She doesn’t remember her daughter. She also forgot her husband. The last fifteen years have been erased from her memory.

Rosa feels desperate in her hospital bed. Everyone around her feels the same. But Rosa is lucky enough to be assisted by one of the most caring doctors in the hospital, handsome MARCELO, a long time divorced neurologist. It helps to have someone so attentive by her side. But Rosa is struggling with her older memories. And when she calls for someone no one ever heard of, her family is in shock.

Rosa tells her family she has an older sister, NARCISA, and she wants to see her immediately. That’s what Daniel will do. He will search for this woman everywhere. He will find her in a distant town, struggling in a rough fishing job while trying to send her son BRUNO to the medical school.

Narcisa is tough. But she also hides a terrible secret. Something very bad happened in the past that have separated the two sisters until now. Unfortunately, Rosa doesn’t remember what it was and she may by falling in the most dangerous trap, when she calls her sister back. Narcisa is so greedy, that she may want to steal the flower company from her successful sister. She may even want her happiness and everything else she can get a hold of.

Rosa finally goes home. She doesn’t remember her family but she can’t forget Marcelo, the caring doctor. And when she discovers they both are in love with each other, life will be an unexpected conflict: between what is right and what her heart is longing for.

This will be Rosa’s main struggle. Will she stay forever in love with Marcelo, the doctor who saved her, or will she remember how much she always loved her faithful husband?

Step by step, Rosa's memories will come back. And while this is happening, Rosa’s life will unfold in a powerful romance, full of hard decisions and full of conflict with greedy sister Narcisa.

Sandra Barata Belo Rosa Severo
Isabel Abreu Narcisa Severo
Pepê Rapazote Daniel de Sousa
Marco Delgado Marcelo Ramos
Gonçalo Diniz César Barros
Rosa do Canto Carmen de Sousa
Cristina Homem de Mello Rute Barros
Bárbara Lourenço Sofia de Sousa
Luís Garcia Bruno Severo
António Fonseca Fialho Barros
Leonor Seixas Beatriz Correia
Madalena Aragão Júlia de Sousa
Ricardo Carriço Rui Sá
Sara Salgado Renata Sá
Marina Mota Alexandra Piedade
Bruno Lagrange Nuno Barros
José Condessa Tiago Piedade
João Ricardo Moisés da Paz
Maria d'Aires Maria da Paz
João Arrais Rafael da Paz
Marco Costa Tomás Rossi
Débora Monteiro Marisa Rossi
António Camelier Artur
Afonso Lagarto Fernando Oliveira
Joaquim Horta Samuel Garcia
Pedro Sousa Hugo Guedes
Sofia Correia Lia Pereira
Liliana Santos Paula Oliveira
Mafalda Jara Gabriela Galvão
Margarida Moreira Joana
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