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Agua y Aceite -TV Azteca 2002-

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Dołączył: 24 Sty 2008
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PostWysłany: 20:24:07 23-03-08    Temat postu: Agua y Aceite -TV Azteca 2002-

Meksyk, 2002
ZUBA Producciones i TV Azteca, odcinków 60
Producent: Humberto Zurita, Christian Bach, Gerardo Zurita

The story begins at a meeting to negotiate a project for a new television program. Ernesto Zamora and Julieta Trujillo meet. They are excellent professional people who are very different in character and come from totally opposite backgrounds, with very different personal histories.
Julieta is a professional woman, a widow and the mother of Mariana. She abandoned her career and sought refuge in her own personal business, after she lost her husband Eduardo in an accident. It was an automobile accident where she, unfortunately, was the one who was driving the car. She has taken a great deal of time to be able to get over her guilt and try to forget the terrible event. Julieta is not willing to let herself be dominated by just any man who might typically tend to undervalue women in general.
Ernesto has a great deal of experience in the labor market, but he has a very difficult background. He is very demanding. He has been fired from many companies, although everyone recognizes his talent. He is a workaholic. He has two children: Francisco, a teenager, and the young Alejandro, who is eight years old and suffers from autism. Because of the boy's terrible problem, Patricia, Ernesto's wife, fell into a severe depression, which became so extreme that she abandoned her husband and children and disappeared. Ernesto tried to find her but the family never heard anymore about her. Since that time, Margarita, Patricia's sister, has spent all her time helping and supporting Ernesto to bring up his children. This is the reason that she is part of the family, she has become the adopted mother of the children. Over time, she starts to fall in love with Ernesto, even though they really couldn't be considered a couple, since they don't have a traditional marital relationship of any kind.
The encounter between Julieta and Ernesto is explosive. There is immediate chemistry, they like each other and they hate each other at the same time. The producers of the television channel are fascinated with them professionally, and because of this fiery hate-love relationship, the producers decide to call the new television program: “Agua y Aceite” (Water and Oil). In addition to all this, Julieta and Ernesto can't even begin to imagine the consequences of the project they are about to launch at this meeting. To begin with, the day they decide to accept the project proposal, after some difficulties, the producer of the program is assassinated. The crime is an execution carefully orchestrated, but covered up and made to look like an ordinary every day robbery. Ernesto and Julieta decide to go ahead with the project, not knowing they now have a dark and powerful enemy. "Agua y Aceite" becomes a new informative space which goes along with the idea of "change" in an avant-guardist Mexico with new alternatives, but it is also something more, it is the love story of Julieta and Ernesto, and the extraordinary passion which separates them because of their own lives and family histories.

Humberto Zurita
.......... Ernesto
Christian Bach
.......... Julieta
Aylin Mujica
.......... Deborah
Mayra Rojas
.......... Patricia
Hector Bonilla
.......... Gerardo
Xavier Massimi
.......... Francisco
Maria Renee Prudencio
.......... Yolanda
Gabriela Roel
.......... Silvia
Veronica Merchant
.......... Margarita
Zoraida Gomez
.......... Mariana
Jair De Rubin
.......... Josue
Leonardo Daniel
.......... Hector
Concepcion Marquez
.......... Dorotea
Ernesto Godoy
.......... Armando
Constantino Costas
.......... Miguel
Fabiola Campomanes
.......... Elena
Amara Villafuerte
.......... Elba
Juan Alfonso Baptista

Tania Arredondo
.......... Meylin
Mauricio Bueno
.......... Alejandro
Miguel Angel Ferriz
.......... Luis Vega
Daniela Schmidt
.......... Veronica
Rene Campero
.......... Güero
Beatriz Cecilia
.......... Andrea
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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2007
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PostWysłany: 13:41:12 12-04-08    Temat postu:

O....Humberto Zurita i Christian Bach w rolach głównych i jest też Aylin Mujica
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Dołączył: 21 Lut 2007
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PostWysłany: 13:48:37 12-04-08    Temat postu:

to małżeństwo o ile się nie mylę, ogólnie fajna obsada, nie wiedziałam ze grał tu też Gato. ale musiało to być bardzo mała rola, skoro w obsadzie nie ma nawet imienia jego bohatera..
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Dołączył: 25 Gru 2007
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Skąd: Mexico City
Płeć: Mężczyzna

PostWysłany: 14:37:15 12-04-08    Temat postu:

Krótka tela, to bym obejrzał na pewno
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Dołączył: 23 Lip 2006
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PostWysłany: 13:27:18 13-04-08    Temat postu:

Obejrzałbym, bo krótka i obsada nawet przyzwoita. Ale to azteca...
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Dołączył: 28 Lip 2007
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Płeć: Kobieta

PostWysłany: 14:03:23 13-04-08    Temat postu:

Telenowela była spektakularną porażką Azteci stąd tak mało odcinków.
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Dołączył: 07 Maj 2007
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PostWysłany: 13:06:13 16-10-08    Temat postu:

Ciekawe jak zagrała Aylin Mujica
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Dołączył: 31 Lip 2008
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Skąd: hmm...
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PostWysłany: 17:21:34 18-07-09    Temat postu:

Merlinamujer napisał:
Telenowela była spektakularną porażką Azteci stąd tak mało odcinków.

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