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I.K.U. - 2001

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PostWysłany: 18:42:46 28-05-19    Temat postu: I.K.U. - 2001

The film is set in or about the year 2030. The multinational Genom Corporation is developing a product called the "I.K.U. Chip", which is plugged into a portable device allowing consumers to download and experience orgasms from the I.K.U. server without need of physical contact. The corporation sends their cybernetic shapeshifter Reiko, known as an I.K.U. Coder or replicant, to collect orgasm-related information catering to various sexual orientations. To collect the data Reiko transforms into an appearance pleasing to an individual or couple, engages the target(s) in sexual relations and transforms her right hand and forearm into a penis which is inserted into the recipient's vagina or anus during climax.

Reiko is directed on her missions by Genom employee Dizzy, known as an I.K.U. Runner. She has sex with various people such as a salaryman and a stripper, a young couple, a drug dealer and a hustler named Akira and a former museum curator–cum-hobo. She meets and is helped along the way by a retired I.K.U. Coder named Mash. Reiko is lured to a night club and seduced by Tokyo Rose, an agent of the rival Bio Link Corporation, who shuts her down with a computer virus and steals her data. Mash recovers Reiko and teaches her how to reboot herself through masturbation. Reiko manages to obtain enough data to complete her mission by having sex with Akira the Hustler, a sushi shop patron and Mash. Dizzy then extracts the data with a retrieval device called a Dildo Gun. Afterward, Reiko is retired and shut down. The Genom Corporation begins selling I.K.U. Chips in vending machines everywhere. Reiko reboots herself.

The DVD edition of the film has two endings which may be selected via an onscreen menu. In the first ending, Mash takes Reiko to meet Dizzy. The two profess their love and drive away. In the second, Mash takes Akira to meet Dizzy and they proceed similarly

Ayumi Tokito as Reiko number one
Maria Yumeno as Reiko number two
Yumeka Sasaki as Reiko number three
Miho Ariga as Reiko number four
Myu Asou as Reiko number five
Etuyo Tsuchida as Reiko number six
Tsousie as Reiko number seven
Zachery Nataf as Dizzy
Mash as Mash
Aja as Tokyo Rose
Akira the Hustler as Akira
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