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Irrational Men - 2015

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Dołączył: 31 Maj 2013
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PostWysłany: 11:11:25 16-06-19    Temat postu: Irrational Men - 2015

At the small-town fictional New England college campus of Braylin, philosophy professor Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) is experiencing an existential crisis. He is depressed, sees no meaning in his life, and drinks excessively. Despite this, he immediately catches the eye of two women: chemistry professor Rita Richards (Parker Posey), and Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), one of his students. Jill has a serious boyfriend and lives with her parents. Rita lives with her husband, but is dissatisfied with her marriage. Abe chooses to sleep with Rita but is careful to have only a platonic relationship with Jill. Abe's depression becomes even more apparent when can't get an erection during his first sexual experience with Rita.

At lunch, Abe and Jill overhear a conversation; a woman says she will lose her children in a custody battle because of an unethical judge in family court. Abe is troubled by the injustice and, without telling Jill, decides to help the woman by murdering the judge. Abe reasons he's unlikely to be caught because he isn't involved in the case and, therefore, won't be suspected. Abe steals a key to the college's chemistry lab from Rita where he procures cyanide. He then discovers one of the judge's routines: a morning jog followed by sipping a cup of orange juice on a park bench. Abe puts the poison in an identical cup and exchanges the cups surreptitiously while the judge is reading a newspaper. The judge subsequently dies from cyanide poisoning. Abe feels reborn, telling himself that he has finally done something worthwhile with his life by ridding the world of one evil man. Abe and Jill's friendship blossoms into a romance. Jill's boyfriend, Roy (Jamie Blackley), eventually learns of the relationship with Abe and breaks up with her.

Despite Abe's careful planning, Jill and Rita, who are friendly, begin to suspect Abe's involvement in the murder after piecing together a few clues, such as the missing key and Abe's unexpected presence in the chemistry lab where a student spotted him. Rita decides that even if he is guilty, she wants to leave her husband and live with Abe in Europe.

Consumed with curiosity, Jill enters Abe's house through an open window while he's out and finds incriminating notes. Jill confronts Abe and accuses him of the murder. Abe then admits his guilt and explains his motive. Jill decides to break off their relationship but promises not to turn him in. However, after an innocent man is accused of the crime, she presses Abe to go to the police, warning him that otherwise she will report him. Abe, who has only recently started enjoying life, is determined to stay out of jail. He attempts to kill Jill by pushing her into an elevator shaft, but, instead, he stumbles backward and falls down the shaft to his death.

The film ends with Jill, who has reconciled with Roy, gazing out to sea while standing on a beach and reflecting on her experiences with Abe.

Joaquin Phoenix as Abe Lucas
Emma Stone as Jill Pollard
Parker Posey as Rita Richards
Jamie Blackley as Roy
Betsey Aidem as Mrs. Pollard, Jill's mother
Ethan Phillips as Mr. Pollard, Jill's father
Sophie von Haselberg as April
Ben Rosenfield as April's friend
Meredith Hagner as April’s friend
Susan Pourfar as Carol
Brigette Lundy-Paine as Braylin Student
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