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Nazare - SIC - 2019

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PostWysłany: 19:15:33 05-08-19    Temat postu: Nazare - SIC - 2019

Premiera we Wrześniu

“Nazaré” is a contemporary love story in a reality that plagues the country every summer. It is a narrative about the struggle of those who are face flames, rebirth and hope.

Nazaré (Carolina Loureiro) is forced to betray Duarte (José Mata), a playboy, son of a furniture tycoon in order to save his mother.

Nazareth is the only daughter of Matilde (Custódia Gallego). The father, Joaquim (Rogério Samora), left them when Nazaré was small. Her mother became depressed and never recovered.

Years later, a brain tumor was diagnosed in Matilde, and Nazaré is the only one who cares for her. She learns that he father committed murder, ran away and left your mother in despair.

Nazaré only thinks of saving her mother. Her research leads her to a London surgeon, who has been successful in cases similar to her mother's.

Glória (Luisa Cruz), owns a restaurant. She has two children, Matias (Pedro Sousa) and Toni (Afonso Pimentel). Both help the mother in the family business, but also deal with obscure subjects.

Matias dates Patrícia (Aurea), but is secretly in love with Nazaré. She is robbing Quinta dos Blanco with her boyfriend after he convinces her that the fire is far away. But the wind causes the fire to turn sharply and corner them. The two panic and separate. Nazaré finds Duarte and pulls him out of hell.

The survival alliance that the two forge that night turns them into heroes, causing intense feelings to arise. Duarte is injured and is taken to the hospital, where he remains unconscious.

A data error causes him to be reported as dead. For Félix (Albano Jerónimo) and Verónica (Sandra Barata Belo) it is time to celebrate and keep the booty of the crimes.

Their scheme undergoes an unexpected twist when Duarte appears at the funeral ceremonies, determined to keep his inheritance. He does not suspect his uncle's involvement in his father's death and continues to entrust him with the vice presidency of Atlântida, but he wants to assume the presidency and become someone of whom Antonio would be proud.

Félix is ​​furious at the failure, but knows that a new attack would raise suspicion. Afraid Nazaré has seen more than she should, she looks for her. He notes that she is unaware of his involvement in the fires and realizes that Nazaré's attachment to Duarte may serve his purposes.

With that in mind, the villain offers her the proposal: he gives her money to operate on his mother if, in return, she seduces her nephew and agrees to do whatever he says. Otherwise, he has the means to accuse Nazaré of the fire and related deaths. Trapped, she gives in to blackmail.

A scheme for catching Duarte is designed in detail by Félix. Nazaré will follow the plan to the letter.

In addition to fierce opposition from Bárbara (Filipa Areosa), Duarte's girlfriend, she also must deal with Toni, who, unbeknownst to her, was one of the arsonists, and Matias, who will not be able to continue to hide his feelings and will fight with his brother over her.

Carolina Loureiro Nazaré
José Mata Duarte
Afonso Pimentel Toni
Inês Castel-Branco Laura
Albano Jerónimo Félix
Sandra Barata Belo Verónica
Custódia Gallego Matilde
Gonçalo Diniz Gonçalo
Rogério Samora Joaquim
Carla Andrino Dolores
Pedro Sousa Matias
Luísa Cruz Glória
Filipa Areosa Bárbara
Filipe Matos Luís
Laura Dutra Ana
Carlos Areia João
Liliana Santos Cláudia
Ruy de Carvalho Floriano
Joana Aguiar Érica
Guilherme Moura Bernardo
João Maneira Cristiano
Madalena Aragão Carolina
Rui Unas Heitor
Bárbara Norton de Matos Sofia
João Ferreira Filipe «Pipo»
Márcia Breia Ermelinda
Tiago Aldeia Ismael
Aurea Patrícia
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