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Rosalinda - GMA Network 2009

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2007
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PostWysłany: 19:56:54 16-01-10    Temat postu: Rosalinda - GMA Network 2009

rok: 2009
produkcja: GMA Network
Kraj: Filipiny
odcinków: 105

The series starts with a woman named Soledad Romero (Mercado). Attorney Alfredo Del Castillo (Rivera) is Soledad's boss and secret lover. Don Jose Fernando Atlamirano (Morales), Alfredo's brother-in-law, feels lust for Soledad, but she only has eyes for Alfredo. One day, Don Jose Fernando sends a letter to Soledad pretending to be Alfredo. When she arrives at their meeting place, Don Jose Fernando tries to rape Soledad. Alfredo arrives just in time and kills Jose Fernando to save Soledad. However, Alfredo collapses from a seizure, and Soledad is left holding the gun as the help and a young Fernando Jose, Jose Fernando's son, arrives on the scene. Jose Fernando's wife and Alfredo's sister, Dona Valeria (Cruz), does not believe that it was Alfredo who killed her husband, but blames Soledad. As such, Soledad is sent to prison for 24 years for a crime she did not commit.

While serving her sentence, Soledad gives birth to a baby girl, naming her Rosalinda (Abellana). But because she is incarcerated, she is forced to give the baby to her sister, Dolores Perez (Sevilla). At the same time, Dolores' daughter dies. To avoid telling her husband, Javier (Estrada), the truth, she tells him that Rosalinda is their daughter. When Soledad finds out, she gets angry, but she also realizes that her daughter will have a better future not knowing that her real mother is in jail.

Years later, Rosalinda is now an adult and falls in love with the handsome Fernando Jose (Eigenmann). Neither knows the truth about their respective pasts. When Dona Valeria finds out that Fernando Jose is in a relationship, she gets mad at her son for dating someone beneath their social status. Dolores and Rosalinda's sister, Fedra (Halili) also does not accept their relationship because she is also infatuated with Fernando Jose. But despite all the things and people going against them, Rosalinda and Fernando Jose find a way to keep their love strong.

Now these questions remain: Will Soledad get released from prison and revenge Atty. Alfredo and Dona Valeria? Will Fedra steal Fernando Jose from her sister, Rosalinda? Will Dona Valeria take revenge on Soledad for killing her husband? And most importantly, will Rosalinda and Fernando Jose survive all the obstacles and live happily ever after?

Carla Abellana - Rosalinda Perez-Altamirano/Paloma Durantes
Geoff Eigenmann - Fernando Jose Altamirano
Katrina Halili - Fedra Perez
Jomari Yllana - Alex Durantes
Sheryl Cruz - Valeria del Castillo-Altamirano
Jackie Lou Blanco - Veronica Salvador-Altamirano
Ariel Rivera -as Alfredo Del Castillo
Glydel Mercado - Soledad Romero
Jessa Zaragosa - Evangelina Kintanar-del Castillo
Ryza Cenon - Abril Del Castillo
Gary Estrada - Javier Perez
Mart Escudero - Beto Perez
Krystal Reyes -Lucy Perez
Roderick Paulate - Florencio
Sheena Halili -Becky
Mike Tan - Rico
Marco Alcaraz - Anibal
Carlene Aguilar - Rodora
Yul Servo - Roberto
Sherilyn Reyes - Dulce
Marky Lopez - Julio
Ayen Munji-Laurel -Berta

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Dołączył: 21 Lut 2007
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PostWysłany: 22:37:07 16-01-10    Temat postu:

Ooo filipińska wersja Rosalindy, ładni proci
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